Friday, November 18, 2011

Meet Tea and Finn

Jessica, the Hopelessly devoted Bibliophile, interviewed Tea and Finn at her blog!

Jessica: Since Teagan is running a little late, I’ll start with a question for you, Finn. What do you like most about Teagan?

Finn: The girl’s brain—
Abby: Pft. He means her bod.
Finn: Who let you in, Gabby?
Abby: (sitting down) Nobody, Dumpster Boy. I’m here to keep you honest, you know?
Finn: I’m intending to be honest. And Tea’s…bod is not something I’ll be discussing with you or anyone else.
Abby: So you don’t like her bod?
Finn: I didn’t say that. I said I’m not discussing it.
Teagan: Discussing what? I’m sorry I’m late, Jessica.
Abby: Jessica asked Finn if he liked your bod.
Jessica: I did not.
Abby: Whatever.
Teagan: What did he say?
Finn: I said we’re moving on to the next question.

Jessica: If you had to choose one word to describe the other person, which would you choose and why?

Teagan: (grins) Sexy Beast.
Abby: That’s two words.
Finn: (groans) You’re never going to let me live that down, are you?
Teagan: My Sexy Beast.
Finn: That’s better, then. I take it you’ll be protecting me from females who only want me for my accent?
Jessica: But seriously.
Teagan: Courageous. Finn has more courage than anyone I’ve ever known.
Finn: As I was saying, Tea is smart and she uses it. I’ve never known a girl like her—
Abby: So how many other girls have you known?
Finn: I can think of one I wish I didn’t know.

Jessica: Okay, okay you two. Your house is about to burn down and you can only save one item! (Don't worry, everyone else is out safely.) What do you take with you?

Teagan: My mom’s sketch books.
Abby: I’d totally help her get those. They’re epic.
Finn: If everyone was safe, I’d grab my kit—it’s all I own isn’t it?

Jessica: Share with us a little known fact about yourself. Something interesting. Finn?

Finn: My tattoo—
Abby: Everyone knows about that. It’s a Celtic knotty thingy.
Finn: They don’t know about the words worked into the knot, then, do they?
Abby: Words? Get out of here. What does it say?
Finn: (winks) I’ll tell Teagan…someday.

Jessica: Teagan?

Teagan: I don’t have a tattoo.
Abby: Like you would ever get a tattoo.

Jessica: She’s right, Tea. We all knew you wouldn’t have a tattoo.
Teagan: Okay. I ran a bug rescue service when I was in kindergarten.
Abby: I swear, she wouldn’t let anyone step on a cockroach. Now she rescues dumpster boys. Oh—look at the time. I gotta go.
Finn: You hear a bowl of ice cream calling you name?
Abby: No. I got toenails to paint. Laters, Jess.

Jessica: Um…bye, Abby! So, one last question for each of you. What are your hopes for the future, Finn?

Finn: I’m the Mac Cumhaill. We don’t get to hope, do we? The Mac Cumhaill never dies old and gray. But if I did—if I had time (looks at Tea and shakes his head.)

Jessica: Tea?

Teagan: (takes Finn’s hand) I have promises to keep. Maybe I haven’t spoken them out loud, but my heart has made them just the same. To Finn. To Cindy, and Dr. Max. To myself.

Jessica: What have you promised?

Teagan: To change the world. To make it right.


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